About Us

The idea of Roamwild was formed over 30 years ago. 

Starting with just a piece of paper, a pen and a fax machine - our founder, Lloyd Freedman had the idea of bringing unique products only available in America to the UK. 

Now with over 30 years of experience working with consumer goods and partnering with leading industry professionals, we’re designing our very own innovative products globally. 

Our aim is very simple and that is, to make products that work better.

Our core values:

  • Always Be Improving & Developing: We are in constant development and are always improving our products to the best that they can be. 
  • Be Transparent: Transparency and being easy to deal with is key to us. We say it as it is and pride ourselves on consistent honesty.
  • Understand & Care: We are human, not robots. We deal with everyone rationally and communicate with genuine understanding and care. 
  • Listen To People: If people have suggestions, concerns or ideas we are all ears. Listening is what makes us great, taking action is what makes us better.

Led By: 

Lloyd Freedman: Founder & CEO 

James Thorn: Head Of Design 

Oliver Freedman: Creative Director