PestOff Pole Mounting Bracket

  • Pole Mounted Flexibility: Our pole-mounted bracket offers a seamless attachment to poles, ensuring your bird feeder swings freely while deterring squirrels. Enjoy the unhindered view of birds flocking to your feeder.
  • Robust Construction: Durable heavy duty brackets, engineered to endure heavy use and inclement weather without succumbing to rust.
  • Flexible Adjustment: Tailor the position of your bird feeder effortlessly, with a stretch range from 28cm to 45cm away from any vertical object, catering to your precise needs.
  • Substantial Load Capacity: With a suggested max hanging weight of 10 lbs (4.5 kg), your bird feeder is guaranteed to hang securely.
  • Built to Last: Our brackets are not just functional, they're a lasting addition to your bird feeding setup, ensuring countless moments of birdwatching bliss, come rain or shine, our brackets are built to last.
  • Squirrel Proof Your Feeder: By enabling you to hang your bird feeder at a customisable distance from any vertical object, our adjustable brackets play a pivotal role in keeping pesky squirrels at bay. Create the perfect hang point that deters squirrels, ensuring that your birdseed remains an exclusive treat for your feathered friends.

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